From Farm, to Chef, to Table

Our approach to food is one of simplicity, and subtle sophistication.  Our responsibility, our daily task, is crafting our cuisine to evoke feeling.  The fond memories of your childhood,  your mother or grandmother making dinner for the family, the unmentioned attention to love and detail from an earnest hand, this is the essence of what we are communicating to our guests with our food.

We are chefs that have chosen to make Carlsbad our home, not because of the beautiful weather, or lifestyle, but the climate. The blessing of Carlsbad is in its soil, Carlsbad has one if not the richest soil contents in the world, that, combined with our weather, allows us to grow year round, and at a level of quality that is unparalleled.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our proteins are certified all natural. We don’t just rely on our purveyors, we need  “boots on the ground” information, and we get it through third party independent audits.  California does not lend itself to sustaining most animals that are bred for mass consumption because we do have the land to sustain such farms. We do not have enough natural feed to support the live stock.  Some of our proteins are from out of state. but, doing this allows for less of a carbon foot print, than if we were to house the animals here and ship in the feed. When we can source something locally we do, and if it comes from a farm out of state, we are still conscious of its carbon footprint. We are continuously working to put the systems in place we need, to give our guests what they deserve, the best.        

Seasonality is the foundation of our menu. Our menu changes monthly, to allow our constant search for whats best to dictate what we serve.