ChefRobRuiz_BioChef Rob Ruiz

Softly, with the will of a warrior…..this is how I was taught to protect the heart of my craft.  That everything I create must be loved into existence, and then protected and honored.

When I had no choice, and was desperate, exhausted, and alone, a happenstance friend led me to the back of a little bar on the Big Island, showed me a dish pit and a frier, and said “get to work”.  The Chef asked me if I could cook, and out of desperate need of a paycheck, I said “sure”, not knowing that right at that moment my life would change forever.   I ran down the back stairs of the building to a tiny phone booth, it was night, it was pouring rain, and I had 20 minutes to become a competent short order cook.  I called the only real Chef I knew, one of my Mom’s friends from her church, and asked him for some help.  He gave me some tips over the phone, I ran back up the stairs, and jumped behind the line….