There are two vital philosophies we have embraced when it comes to the Water section of our concept.   The first being the heritage of our namesake and the foundation of the City we inhabit.  Carlsbad was named after and developed around its alkaline artesian mineral water well. It is no accident that we jumped at the opportunity to place our restaurant as close to our water source as possible, we offer the artesian water, with a ph balance of 8.76 to all of our guests, and have gone so far as to turn it into ice, and have it hand chiseled into our cocktails.  We use it in our cooking our baking, and believe it crafts an authenticity into the soul of our project, while reinforcing our philosophy that our guests deserve the very best.

The second part of our focus on water relates to the Sea.  All of our Seafood is 100% sustainable.  We have worked and abided by the guidelines set forth by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch, the Marine Stewardship Council, Fishwatch.gov, NOAA, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Oceana, and other international sustainability certification entities, but each organization looks at the issue of sustainability through a different lens, and none of them were perfectly clear.  This lead to Chef Ruiz’s creation of the edible QR code, a Quick Response code, printed on rice paper with edible ink, and slightly smaller than a postage stamp.  When one of these codes makes it to a guest’s table, they can scan the code with their smartphone, and follow the traceability of the fish they are eating back to its origin, eliminating fish fraud, reducing illegal, undeclared, or unregulated fishing, including piracy.  It also creates the pathway for a superior product, knowing that the time to the plate and the temperature of the product have all been closely monitored as part of the traceability program.  We don’t stop here, we also work with Santa Monica Seafoods to donate 10 cents per pound of fish we purchase back into funding for sustainable research.  We also work with the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach to support their Fish for the Future program which focuses on supporting U.S. fisherman based here on our west coast.  We receive all of our fish whole, head on, and never frozen.  We don’t serve threatened species.  We honor each of the creatures we have harvested by utilizing them completely.

The newest and most unique project we’ve created is utilizing bycatch.  Every fishery, even those certified sustainable, have Bycatch, or fish accidentally caught when targeting a specific species for market.  Fisherman can’t control what type of fish will bite their hooks so frequently fish are caught, killed and then thrown back, and only the targeted species of fish is kept.  This seemed completely irresponsible to us, and also to our purveyors, and now we have a new program in place with Fisherman out of Morro Bay, where we are even turning the waste of a sustainable fishery into treasure.  We continue to examine how we are harvesting from the ocean as a nation and improving upon it.

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