Breakfast Sandwiches at Camp

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why should camping breakfast be any different? Here are some great options for breakfast camping sandwiches that your camping group will go nuts over.

The ultimate breakfast muffin sandwich

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This recipe is slightly inspired by the Breakfast Jack’ at Jack in the Box, but for this version, we’re making it way better. If you’ve got a hungry troop to feed, you can make these ahead of time or fresh off the skillet. Either way, let’s dive into some options that will give you variety and loads of energy for any camping trip.

What you’ll need

The first item is obviously an outdoor grill that’s large enough to cook on. Your skillet also plays a big role in getting things cooking, but you can also make do with a portable cooking rack. This helps you set up several ingredients that can all be cooked assembly line-style. Additionally, you’ll need a good spatula so you can cook your eggs, breakfast sausage patties, and assorted ingredients.

You will also need aluminum foil to wrap your breakfast sandwiches, making them portable to eat anywhere. This first version is variable depending on your camping group. You can substitute certain items to include vegetarian or vegan ingredients too. Eggs can be substituted for Aquafaba recipes. This is the liquid from chickpeas and makes a great omelet. It’s just an option since younger generations are adopting these diet lifestyles more often.


  • Eggs
  • Cooking oil
  • Bacon
  • Sausage patties
  • American cheese slices
  • English muffins
  • BBQ pulled pork (or any leftover BBQ treats)

Setting up your griddle

It won’t hurt to have a couple of griddles going at the same time. Especially if you want to cook your eggs separate from the sausage patties or warming up BBQ tidbits. Warm your English muffins on the grilling rack or in the griddle to get them nice and toasty. For this, you want to cook your eggs sunny side up with the yolk slightly runny but not overly gooey. Keep them in the griddle until your ready to build your muffin sandwich.

Layout a piece of tinfoil and place a toasted English muffin down first, add your sausage patties or BBQ bits first. You can lay the bacon strips on top of these followed by a slice of American cheese. On the very top, add the sunny-side-up egg and crown this with the other half of your muffin. Wrap the foil around it so your campers can hold it. It will be plenty gooey, but well worth the wait!

To keep your eggs from getting too messy, you can place Mason jar rings into your griddle. Once you crack an egg into these rings, they help keep the shape of your egg. They also fit inside your English muffin much neater. You can also find these rings sold online and are best bought in a value pack.

Version #2 (The premade muffin)

The premade muffin sandwich on table

This version you can make before you hit theroad or the night before. These need to be kept in a cooler so they won’t spoil, so you’ll need a cooler ice chest or an RV refrigerator. If you’re making these early in the morning, you can get a head start by preparing all of your ingredients on the grill making everything fresh that same day.


  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cooking oil
  • Sausage patties
  • American cheese slices (or Monterey Jack)
  • Bacon bits
  • Optional (Green chives-chopped)

Cook everything beforehand

For this version, you’re making scrambled eggs with bacon bits mixed into the raw egg. You’ll obviously need to cook your bacon earlier so you can make the bacon bits. Let them get extra crunchy so they break into little bits. Add a little milk to your eggs and mix them together with a whisk to get them nice and fluffy. Then add the bacon bits or chives and pour them into a hot griddle. Alternatively, you can pour them into mason jar rings to keep a uniform shape.

Your sausage patties also need to be precooked, so brown them in your griddle once you’ve finished the eggs. You can also place your English muffins into the griddle after each group of patties is cooked, using the grease from the patties to crisp the muffins inside. This also gives them a wonderful added flavor. Now you can start to assemble each muffin lined up on a countertop or picnic table.

Use a double sheet of aluminum foil laid down and place one half of the muffin with the toasted inner side facing up. Add a slice of cheese onto the muffin first followed by the scrambled egg patty. This is followed by your sausage patty and another slice of cheese. You can use two different slices of cheese for this to give lots of chewiness and cheesy flavor. You’re using a double sheet since you’ll be putting these muffins on the grill later.

Warming up your muffin sandwiches

Get your grill heated up and lay each of your muffins all wrapped up in rows over the heat. You don’t need much heat for this so when it reaches medium-low, this is perfectly fine. Warm each side for 2-3 minutes and flip them using a spatula. This is enough to get your muffins warm again and melt the cheese inside. The result is a breakfast sandwich that is ready to eat. Let these cool for a couple minutes so the foil isn’t too hot to hold.

You can use industrial aluminum foil or what is also called restaurant foil. It’s thicker than the average foil you use in your kitchen and is perfect for putting on the grill. If you don’t have any Mason jar rings, you can also use muffin pastry rings. Your supermarket will likely have Mason jar rings that are sold in packs. These help keep the shape of your eggs round and clean. And you can reuse these rings for all sorts of camping food recipes.


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